Accredited Investors List For Sale – Phone, Email and Mail

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Accredited Investors List For Sale opt in email marketing  .

If You Need To Contact Wealthy People – Mostly Older Men – Anywhere In The World, Our Accredited Investors For Sale Is What You’ve Been Looking For…


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  1. UPDATED CONSTANTLY Accredited Investors 3 Contact Points – World Wide – Guaranteed Accurate
  2.  BRAND NEW – NEVER SOLD – 8 Super-High Quality Private Lists of Accredited Investors
  3. Various Fronts/Surveys – Entertainment, Gaming, Green Energy, Oil/Gas, Precious Metals, Private Placement, Surveys
  4. Hi-Tech 2012 – Verizon Authorized Buyers – 1687 Total
  5. Gold Buyers – 2013 – Raised $40M – 458 Records
  6. Gold Buyers – 2010 – “Made my book” – 702 Records
  7. Commodities Accounts 1662 Detailed Client Pages
  8. Forex Accounts 1254 Total
  9. New Stock Accounts 3000 in csv
  10. Overseas English Speaking 2954 in csv
  11. 100,000 Leads – Ten Years Running = One Million Total
  12. Private Rolodex of IR Fund Raiser – 65,000
  13. In-House List – Email Broadcast Sent For You


Add to Cart Orange 300 opt in email marketing  Buy A Sample of Our Accredited Investors.
250 Leads In PDF – Only $100

Get your project funded NOW with our Top-Shelf Accredited Investors Leads 


UPDATED REGULARLY Accredited Investors Full Records – 3 Contact Points

This list was built through sources like trade-shows, conferences, events, internal surveys, campaigns, portals, partners and magazine subscriptions.  These are opt-in records.

This list is GUARANTEED to be AT LEAST 85% ACCURATE!!  The data is re-verified with every order.  If for any reason the data connects at less than 85%, the data will be replaced or refunded.

Here is the header for the .csv file: Contact Name, Address, Phone, Net Worth, Email, Company Name, Occupation, Investor Type

Countries / Counts
USA 154660
Canada 21532
UK 16542
Germany 4212
Switzerland 5512
France 4263
Spain 3142
Portugal 2260
Belgium 2411
Denmark 865
Norway 952
Finland 75
Czech Republic 88
Monaco 116
Greece 162
Netherlands 2104
Ireland 251
Italy 3362
Liechtenstein 221
Sweden 250
India 52141
UAE 2152
Hong Kong 2210
Singapore 4102
Russia 952
Qatar 1023
Saudi Arabia 3472
Bahrain 121
Kuwait 1162
Brazil 1253
Mexico 1421
Australia 3894
Japan 7742
China 142150
Malaysia 854
Others 2650
Total 450279


No. of Records – Cost
up to 8000 – $1,500.00
15,000 – $2,500.00
30,000 – $3,500.00
50,000 – $5,000.00
100,000 – $8,000.00
200,000 – $16,000.00
400,000 – $21,000.00
450,000 – $21,999.00

If you need a reliable Accredited Investors list, look no further.  This list is consistently accurate and productive.
Order your first batch today.  Call 760-237-0071 now.

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NEW TO MARKET – NEVER BEEN SOLD – 8 Files of Accredited Investors

Leads Description

  1.  Accredited Yacht and Aircraft owners 3677
  2. Accredited Sports Players and Celebrities 1525
  3. Accredited Palm Beach Investors 978
  4. Accredited Home Owners Florida 4191
  5. Accredited Gunn Allen Firm Clients 469
  6. Accredited Florida Whales (Uber Wealthy) 676
  7. Accredited Farmers 2883
  8. Accredited Investors 3774

Total= 18,173 Accredited Investors

These lists have made the last few years in my career very profitable. These have been a vein I could always turn to, too raise money. I have kept them tucked away and very private to ensure they are not beat up. These investors have big money and a good ear to listen and participate in projects. From private placements to gold and silver to oil and gas, you name it these guys will take a look and move if it’s right to them. Whoever has the privilege and opportunity to capitalize on this list will be very, very wealth when it’s all said and done.

In any business you get what you pay for. If you’re a cheap skate, keep on moving! If you want penny leads, go find em! They’re a penny a name for a reason! However if you want the best you can find, this list is very reasonably priced at .40 cents per record for an individual file or .25 cents per record for the whole lot. And remember they are all Accredited.

And let me say this….Virtually, every broker I have ever given the opportunity to make a couple calls from this list has done extremely well. I am confident if you step up and get a hold of these you will do really well too.

All files in excel format for easy transfer. All files include Name, phone number, and address. Some files have email address.

Buy any pieces of the list – 40 cents each ($400 per 1000)

Or buy all 8 files – $4500

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Accredited Investor Various Fronts, Surveys and Leads

Accredited Investors – New To Market – MOST HAVE NEVER BEEN SOLD 

The owner is a guy that funds deals, so these are the leads that he has bought and used only (not sold).   Here is what he writes about this set of files:

“Every lead has name and phone number. Almost all, probably 97%, have address home or business some times both. Most have email address and second number: house, cell or business. Also dollar amount discussed for particular investment.

  1. Entertainment – 787 from 2012 – hand written fronts
  2. Gaming Technology – 1151 hand written fronts
  3. Green Energy – 1609 from 2012 – hand written fronts
  4. Oil and Gas – 2578 from 2012 – hand written surveys
  5. Precious Metals – 331 from 2011-2012 – hand written fronts
  6. Precious Metals – 1653 from 2013 – hand written fronts in pdf
  7. Precious Metals – 4,488 typed up fronts (“I have opened many accounts from this file”).
  8. Private Placement – 500 from 2010/2011 – neatly hand written
  9. Surveys – 1,071 from 2013 – typed survey of what investments they own and what they have liquid to invest.
  10. Surveys – 1006 from 2011 – typed leads

Total = 15,174

Buy a mixed sample of 300 leads for only $200 – Buy Now
All the above for $1500. Call, chat or email to buy.
Include the list below for $2000. Call, chat or email to buy.

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Hi-Tech 2012 – One of the Best Investors Lists You Will Ever Find!!!

Hi-Tech Play – Verizon Authorized – Accredited Investors made a killing with this one.  Call or email for the company name.

My favorite list is 1687 accredited investor list that were interested in a 2012 private placement in a technology stock play – a successful Verizon smart phone maker here in the US. These are all big guys and like to move.

This list of 1687 accredited investors is for sale right now – only $995 – Buy Now
Or pick up a sample of 150 of these leads for $100 – Buy Now
COMBO SPECIAL – add the list above – Various Fronts, Surveys and Leads – Only $2000

It is in one big pdf file.  1687 individual pages that are very neatly written for each prospect.  It contains their contact information, plus notes about their previous investments, etc  It also has marked on each page how the prospect was qualified as “accredited” – either their income or net worth, etc…”

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Gold Buyers 458 Actual Clients

Gold/Silver BUYERS/CLIENTS From 2013 Raised $40 Million (PB)

From the list owner and creator:

New list of accredited investors in 2013 raised $40 Million.

They are accredited investors who buy over the phone.
They are all between the ages of 35 and 70.
My company raised over 40 million dollars with these 458 names.

It is a list consisting of exactly 458 accredited clients
who purchased physical precious metals from us.
My firm, located in New York, closed down in 2013
due to changes in Dodd Frank laws.

So it’s not even a year old.

Each PDF page contains the account form and online account data
that include name, address, phone number, email address,
net worth, annual income, and how much they bought
(gold, silver, etc).

It’s fresh, and all the info is on there.
They are NOT mom and pops.

All wealthy investors that opened accounts over the phone.

PDF #1 – 114 Leads – $225 – Buy Now
PDF #2 – 152 Leads – $300 – Buy Now
PDF #3 – 192 Leads – $375 – Buy Now
All 458 Leads in 3 PDF Files $750 – Buy Now

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Gold Buyers 2010 – Actual Clients

Gold/Silver Buyers/Clients From 2010 (MS – “this list made my book”)

THIS LIST HAS NEVER BEEN SOLD YET – You can be the first.

Over 700 clients/buyers of precious metals through “USMetals”.  Each record contains name, address, phone and many emails.  Also, every record includes how much metal they bought.  The list is on pdf with 6 records per pdf page.

MASSIVE BONUS – included are several thousand fronts that were used to find the buyers above.

You get both the 700+ buyers/clients and the several thousand fronts for only $400 - Buy Now

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Commodities Buyers 1662 – Real, Detailed Client Files

1662 scanned pages of Commodities (precious metals buyers) accounts (2010) – name, address, phones, some emails.  Very detailed, computer generated journals of each individuals account.  Each sheet shows all their buying and selling, balances, when and how they added funds, etc…

$495 for all – Buy Now

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Forex Buyers 1254 – Actual Client Files

1254 Forex Client Phone List. This is the actual client list of a full-service forex brokerage. All records include their name, address and 2 or 3 phone numbers, including cell. About 1/2 of the records include the clients net worth, age and gender, the other half only has gender. In csv format.

$400 for all – Buy Now

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3000 New Stock Accounts 2013 in .csv – Open In Excel

3000 Accredited Investors who opened and funded a new stock market account over the phone. HAS NEVER BEEN SOLD (PB)

From the owner:

“”I was going through my computer and came across a client list . It comes from a stock firm in the US (New York). I forgot that one of my brokers purchased it about a year and half ago (2013). It has 3000 names and phone numbers of accredited clients that opened accounts over the phone with this stock firm.

It’s on excel format. All US people that opened an account at a stock firm over the phone ( I believe a NY firm) Names, address, phone number, workplace, initial investment amount. 3000 names, no duplicates.

CA 429
CT 429
GA 429
MD 429
NC 426
PA 429
WA 429
Total 3000

Buy all 3000 Accredited Investors Who Opened New Stock Account – $995 – – Buy Now
Buy a sample of 300 Accredited Investors Who Opened New Stock Account – $200 – – Buy Now

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Overseas Accredited Investors Who Speak English 2954 Records in .csv

All records – 2954- include their Name, Phone, Country, Company Name, Revenue, Net Worth and Account Type: they are seperated into Individual, Corporate and Joint Accts.

It was bought and used for an equities firm.

File comes in csv format, opens in excel.

Total 2954

Buy all 2954 Overseas Accredited Investors – $995 – – Buy Now
Buy a sample of 300 Overseas Accredited Investors – $200 – – Buy Now

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100,000 Accredited Investors Leads Per Year, TenYears In A Row = One Million Total Available

JULY 2014 Thru JULY 2013 – 80,000 to 100,000 Accredited Investors – ONE MILLION leads all together.   This list has NEVER BEEN SOLD.

This gentleman has been funding a coal mine for the last 10 years.  For 10 years he has purchased approximately 100,000 accredited investor leads each and every year.  So he has a total of almost 1 Million accredited investors with at least name, address and phone – many have email.  They are all in csv test format.

He has bought all of them from the same vendor over the years.  He was such a good, regular customer, that he got these leads at the bargain basement price of 50 cents each – normally sold for a dollar or more…  So just for the 2014-2013 he paid $50,000 cash.  The project is finished and he is now moving on – getting out of the business.  So he wants to sell his stash of files one time to get some “to go” money.

He is open to offers for either the 2014-2013 data, or his whole collection.
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Private Rolodex of 65,000 USA Accredited Investors

Investment Start-Up Funding Expert Selling Personal Rolodex of 65,000+ investors. (TH)

This gentleman has been funding projects for over 20 years, using this list.  He has decided to make his list available for sale – one time payment of $5000.

Sample of 100 – $100 - Buy Now

All 65,000 – $5000 – Call 760-237-0071

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Our “In-House List” (Never Sold) Kept Exclusively For Email Broadcasting

Accredited Investors Email List For Sale opt in email marketing  “In-House” Accredited Investors Email Master List

Counts For Our “In-House” Investor List
Nationwide with Email, Phone or Postal – 2,145,764 (scroll down for details)


TheListWiz’s responsive master investors list provides members new and exciting investment prospects.  These investors are actively aware of the events that exist in the Small Cap market.  And, they’re keeping their eyes and ears open for new places to invest.

This file is also composed of highly targeted sub directories – See Investor Type (below) – which describe what the investors preference is so far as industry and the rough number of investors in that industry sector.

These are knowledgeable, wealthy, investors who have succeeded in building their private net worth.

These people have shown their interest in investment opportunities by replying to invitations for info about stocks and particular industries.

These people welcome e-mail and direct mail offers to keep them up to date on new opportunities.  This file is one hundred percent opt in and includes the customer’s e-mail and postal address.

Accredited Investors Email List

This exclusive database we built through our own in-house finance sites and highly targeted promotion initiatives.  This has produced a very reactive and targeted list that can be sorted by the type of investor.

These investors are looking for opportunities and can be centered in multiple methods. You’ve got access to investor email lists, investor telephone & mail lists, location and age of investor, type of investor, and other key demographics.

Have a look at some of the specific investor types we offer access to:

* Accredited Investors
* Speculative Investors
* Stock & Bond Investors
* Small-cap Investors
* Affluent Boomers
* High Net Worth Investors
* Oil & Energy Investors
* High Income Seniors
* High Income Young Investors
* Precious Metal & Gold Investors
* Green Investors
* Real Estate Investors
* Ultra Affluent

Base Charges

Email Broadcast – Minimum 16,600 for $625.  Buy Now.
Mail – please email or call for a custom quote

Recommended Users Of This File
Public & Private Companies
Investor Relation Firms
Ad Agencies
Financial Institutions products & services

Target Markets
Small Cap Stocks
Investor Relation Campaigns
Investment Opportunities
Financial Services
Real Estate Investment
Retirement Investments

Internet and In House Sites as well as Multiple third party financial and investor web sites & surveys.  Here is a sample of a few:

Sample Survey

Investor Type – File Size

Green Investors – 167,232
Oil & Energy – 92,598
Precious Metals – 145,928
Gold Investors – 81,339
Technology – 151,290
Real Estate – 123,453
Wireless – 79,529
Biotech – 137,405
Internet Gaming – 101,399
HealthCare – 81,739

These are just a few of the more popular databases. Other selects include state, gender, age, and income.  Please inquire about other Industry groups available

Postal Terms
Sample mail piece is required with order
Delivery in 5-7 business days

Email Terms
HTML and/or Text message
Tracking Clicks & Opens
48 hour turnaround after ad copy received

Who Uses This List
Here are some of the companies that use this list on a regular basis:
* Chase
* Raymond James
* Konica Minolta
* Symantec
* Smith Barney
* Office Depot
* Wachovia
* Recourse Communications

Previous Campaign Samples
ADM Investor Services
Barrons Magazine
Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments – Retirement
Gryphon Financial
Motley Fool
Think or Swim

Campaigns For 2012
MSMY    6/8/2012
SPAG    5/20/2012
GBGI    2/23/2012
AMZG    2/18/2012
EARH    2/17/2012
EARH    2/15/2012
EARH    2/8/2012
AMZG    2/1/2012

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All of the lists below are NOT currently for sale by TheListWiz.NET

Code # NotAvailable1

This list is NOT currently available for sale.

These are some of the best investor leads available anywhere – this is what you have been looking for…  The main criteria being that these are accredited, and called investors. These leads are perfect for Oil, and Gas rooms, Market Makers, Venture Capital, Gold venture, and leverage rooms, standard pre-IPO newsletters.

1- PR (Prospect Request) Form. They reserved their slot with their broker-dealer info, liquidity, desired range, investment type, and contact info. We have about 30,000 of those for $2.00 each – minimum of 1000 leads per order.

2- Client list of around 75 investors for a $20,000,000.00 raise – $25,000

3- Client list of about 600 investors for a $75,000,000.00 raise – $45,000

If you are looking to do a large raise for either a general partnership, or buildout of a shell corp company, then the 2-3 client list is the way to go. If you are planning on putting List 1 out on the floor with brokers cold-calling, then you would figure to allocate 75 per day per seat to generate 5 PR’s.

When we say broker dealer, it means these are actual investors that have placed orders for flag positions for pre-IPO restricted stock promoted by a market maker. These are normally people who like to be placed in risk markets, thus looking for less traditional markets. These work well in start-up companies, secondary funding, and newsletter venture capital dealers.

For the most part, these are good for cold-calling, sending out PR (prospect requests) and second call closes. Now, again, since this is a numbers game, it is suggested if these leads are going to an actual room, meaning more then 5 people on the phone, then these are the ones you want. They are affordable and you’ll get plenty of contacts, and knowing all are players, you will get a good ratio of packages sent.

However, if this is for a small room, meaning a few people who are looking to do primary funding, then it is suggested to buy a client database, meaning direct contact with people who we have been placed into programs that have been funded for 20-75 million.

With our private placement investors, you will get your deal funded now!

Our private placement leads are filtered from our sophisticated survey centers, these are high risk investors with impressive financial resources and open minds when approached with speculative investments, such as start-up ventures, late-stage ventures, second-round financings, structured debt, mezzanine capital financing, pre-IPOs, structured settlements, short-term bridge loans, and other non-traditional deals.

These leads are timely, and are compiled from highly relevant financial and investment databases, and through our complex online and real-time survey systems – then we telephone verify each one.

These prospects accept wide range of unconventional investment opportunities.

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Code # NotAvailable2

This list is NOT currently available for sale.

We now have super fresh accredited investors with home or business contact phones – your choice.

Every lead has been telephone verified in the last 45 days and found to be accredited investors.

Each Accredited Investor that you receive has confirmed:

+    $1,000,000+ net worth
 +   $200,000+ income
  +  $100,000+ investable assets
  +  Current active investor
  +  Has an investment portfolio
  +  Most have multiple accounts

These leads are guaranteed – we send you a bunch of extras, plus if any are bad they will be gladly replaced.

All leads sold have a 90-day exclusivity.

These leads are FTC compliant, they have been checked against the DNC lists.

Accredited Investor Categories Available

Wealthy Senior Investors
Oil and Gas Investors
Commodities Investors
Private Placement Leads
Mutual Fund Investors

Accredited Investor Specific Selects Available

Gender – Male or Female
Net Worth
Affluent Seniors

Here is a partial list of companies that have used this exact same list:

· Daiwa Securities
· PJM Interconnection
· Bank of America Captial Markets
· U.S. Bank Corp.
· KBC Bank
· ING Group
· Austin Energy
· D.E. Shaw & Co
· Alliant Energy
· Wells Fargo
· Mercedes Benz
· Progress Energy Inc
· Kinder Morgan
· Superfund
· Dunn Capital Management
· Morgan Stanley Private Client Group
· Daewoo Securities
· Wasserstein Perella & Co
· Dakota Gasification Company
· BofA Merrill Wealth Mangement
· PNC Bank
· Evans Energy
· Citi Institutional Clients Group
· Scotiabank (Scotia Capital)
· Baker Hughes INTEQ
· General Electric
· Prada
· Tiffany & Co.
· Petrohawk
· Morgan Stanley
· MetLife
· Bank One Credit Cards
· Stream Energy
· Renaissance Technologies Corp
· Aera Energy
· Holland America Cruise Line
· Carnival Corp.
· CMS Energy
· Enterprise GP Holdings


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