Double Opt-In Email and Phones Leads And Lists

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Double Opt In Phone & Email Marketing Leads

TheListWiz.NET Is The Leading Provider of Double Opt In Email & Phone Marketing Lists.

TheListWiz.NET is the leading provider of double opt in email and phone marketing lists. Our double opt in list is marketing magic. No hastles, no complaints, just good, solid email citizens who appreciate a good email offer and can ignore one they don’t care for…

This is one step closer to getting them on YOUR list. Double opt in means they went thru the step of confirming with their email address that they are real and they want to receive the information. This list is as close as you can get to being able to email large numbers of people, like bulk email, from a regular email account because these people are so friendly that they (in my experience) never complain.

One-Two Punch

This double opt in email list provides the “juice” that your project needs. These double opt in email leads are like a one-two marketing punch, combining the best of both worlds of email: a large volume of friendly, opt in people, together with the trust level of a smaller, more intimate list (like the Survey Leads) that allows a degree of familiarity at an earlier stage. Large numbers of friendly, responsive people makes it easy to quickly be in profit with this list.

Additional Benefit

Normally to send bulk email you need to rent a private server with all kinds of costs and expenses associated to keep running your lists. With this double opt in email list you can save that huge expense by sending from a regular email address, since the folks on this list are so friendly and non-complaining

And The Best Part

Did I mention that the people on these double opt in email lists are especially RESPONSIVE internet types? They like to mix it up. They like an exchange. They like to be challenged to think and learn. They will click if you have something worthy to say…

Phones Too

This is one of the best phone lists around…  These folks are friendly and open.  Give them a try now.

ORDER HEREOur Newest Phone & Double Opt In Email Lists

1,000 Phone & Double Opt In Email Leads – $100

5,000 Phone & Double Opt In Email Leads – $400

10,000 Phone & Double Opt In Email Leads – $700

Your list will be emailed to you in csv text format within a few minutes of your order.

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Do you need this list to be broadcast for you? We offer:

1. Email Broadcasting – send us your creative, we send it to the list.
2. Physical Mail Fulfillment – we print and mail your piece to the list.
3. Phone Broadcast – we call the list and leave messages or transfer to live attendant.

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