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Grow Your Business Quickly With Our Targeted
Lists, Leads and Databases

Business Lists

Business Lists are sent through a thorough enhancement process and updated often to ensure deliver-ability and accuracy.

• Choose advanced filters like number of locations, number of employees, annual revenue, etc.  – over 14 million business records.

Our main categories of Business Lists are:

  1. BY SIC CODE (all businesses)

Learn more about our Targeted Business Lists here.

Consumer Lists

• We access a comprehensive multi-sourced consumer list with targeted data obtained from major credit reporting agencies, public records and responder feedback.

• Postal, Phone and Email Consumer Database of over 200 million USA consumers and over 100 million homeowners.

• Choose demographic filters like ethnicity, age, location, consumer behavior or advanced filters like investments, net worth, income, home value, and lifestyle selects.

Or get fresh data feeds for these verticals:  Bizopps / Auto finance / Auto insurance / Credit Card Debt Collection / Debt settlement / Education / Grants / IRS Debt Collections / Payday Loans / Pharma Buyers / Student debt / Sweepstakes Leads Tech Support / Tri-care /

Learn more about our fresh Consumer Lists here.

Private, Accredited Investors, High Net Worth Wealthy Individuals – Lists For Sale

Some of the categories of Investors that we have lists of are Entertainment, Gaming, Green Energy, Oil/Gas, Precious Metals, Private Placement, Surveys, Hi-Tech, Gold and Silver buyers, Commodities Accounts, Forex Accounts, Newly Opened Stock Accounts, Overseas, Yacht and Aircraft Owners, Sports Players and Celebrities, Palm Beach Locals, Home Owners, Gunn Allen Clients, Whales (uber wealty), Billionaires, Farmers. These are mostly all Accredited Investors, ready to take your call and fund your deal NOW.

Read about all of our Private Investor Lists here.

BizOpps Business Opportunity Seekers and Buyers

The second “specialty” of TheListWiz.NET is our extensive BizOpps Lists – this is what we got started in the list business with back in 1997, and we have stuck with our roots.  The BizOpp files we currently maintain are  Mobile-Cell Phone Safe Optins, BizOpp Buyers, Business Opportunity Seekers, Double Opt-In, Survey Leads, Sweepstakes Leads, Australian BizOpp Seekers, Canadian BizOpp Seekers, UK BizOpp Seekers, MLM Genealogy Leads, AutoResponder Leads, Bulk Email Leads, Co-Reg Leads.

• Get get all the details on each of these lists by visiting our BizOpps page here.

Medical Lists

Our Medical Lists Including Email, Phone and Postal Address.    We have a large variety of files to choose from – all with verified email addresses – which include:  Physicians, Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Canadian Physicians, Doctors, Canadian Dentists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, Chiropractors,Veterinarians, Manufacturing Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing Medical, Electromedical, Dental, Ophthalmic Instrument Executives, Wholesale Trade Medical, Hospital, Scientific, Ophthalmic Goods Executives, Wholesale Trade Drugs, Proprietaries and Sundries Executives, Retail Trade Pharmacy, Drug stores and Proprietary Stores Executives, Hospital Executives General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Executives, Hospital Executives Psychiatric Hospitals Executives, Hospital Executives Specialty hospitals (except psychiatric) Executives, Medical Laboratories Executives, Specialty Outpatient Clinics Executives, Biotechnology Industry Executives, Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Care Facilities and Personal Care Executives.

Learn more about our Medical Lists here.

Co-Registration, Internet Opt-In, Bulk Email Lists

These are folks who opted in to various websites, and while registering they gave permission to be contacted by others.  Usually they are only single opt-in.  To be perfectly honest, these are not the most responsive leads in the world…  But you can make them profitable because 1. you get a ton of them for low initial investment 2. you own the list, so you can contact them every day until they buy.

Read more about our Co-Reg, Opt-in, Bulk email here.

Targeted Categories of Email Marketing Lists

• Our opt-in email lists often include options such as gender, geography, age, lifestyle, ethnicity, financial status and family size.

The categories we have available are: Book and eBook Lovers, Business Opportunity Seekers, College Students, Computer and Tech Savvy, Consumer Internet Leads General Opt-Ins, Christian Men and Women, Credit and Loan Inquiry Leads, Dating and Romance, Debt Inquiry’s, Discount Seekers, Entertainment (General), Financial Products Buyers (Stocks, Forex, Small Cap), Fitness and Personal Training, Gamblers and Betting, Income Targeted (High Income), Insurance Inquiries, Job Seekers, Health and Nutrition, Home Owners, Mortgage Loans and Refinance, Music (general music lovers), Online Shoppers, PayDay Loans Leads, Religion (General Religion), Social Networking Site Members, Sports Enthusiasts, Travel and Vacation Planning, Weight Loss.

Learn more about our Targeted Consumer Email lists here.

Email Broadcasting

Targeted email marketing and broadcasting is the best way to reach out to any market segment.  TheListWiz.NET can expose your product or service to your best, targeted prospects, using our local or national databases.

Learn more about our Email Broadcasting here.

Postal Mailing Lists

Direct mail is making a huge “comeback”… Marketers are finding that in a more and more virtual world, that a piece of paper in hand can be wildly popular.  Our postal mailing lists let you target your best prospects.  Choose from lists like new movers, home owners, renters, age groups or whatever target market you are looking to reach.   Postal mailing databases often return high ROI.

Postal mailing addresses come standard with any of our Business or Consumer Lists.

Ringless Cell Phone Messaging

  • Cellphone does not ring
  • Cellphone owner is not billed
  • A phone call is never made
  • Message dropped into voicemail
  • 100% FCC compliant and legal
  • Message dropped on the back end

Learn more about our Ringless Cell Phone Voice Messaging here.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is a very efficient method of contacting any group of people with very little effort. It is an excellent way to get a quick response to your marketing.  You can rent or buy our phone database, or use your own.

Learn more about our Voice Messaging and Voice Broadcasting here.